I believe in the power of people. I believe that everyone can teach us something that is of value. I can help in releasing those powers, so that the organization can grow and everyone can prosper.

I believe that every employee is valuable for a company, and that he or she has information from which the company could learn and benefit.

I believe in the power of intuition. I am intrigued by the deeper layers in our existence: What really drives people? What drives a company? What makes peoples’ hearts tick faster? These deeper layers are the key to individual fulfillment and business success. In addition, I am convinced that company executives who become aware of their essential motivators are more likely to involve all their organizational powers to contribute to a better society.

Having a clear and inspiring vision is important for all organizations, because it provides a beacon in times to come: It makes clear what the organization stands for, what its values are and, more generally, what the reason is for its existence, its contribution to the world.

Taking personal experiences as a starting point can help in formulating a vision. A company can ask itself: How do I want my customers to feel? My employees? The people I do business with? Describing the experiences the company would like to create can be the first step in determining how this can be accomplished.






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